The Black Gold
Tapestry Project

I was brought in to help Calgary artist Sandra Sawatzsky create a website and branding for her 10+ year tapestry project. Her tapestry is on display at the Glenbow Museum and has been featured on CBC, CTV, Global, The Calgary Herald and more.  


I worked closely with the owner to create the logo and branding for the project as it was getting ready to be featured at the Glenbow Museum in Calgary. The project is based around telling the story of oil and prominently features many illustrations of dinosaurs, and I used the artisits favorite dinosaur illustration as a reference when creating the logo. 

logo inspiration.jpg


The website for The Black Gold Tapestry was created to showcase the art and be a place to consolidate any and all information related to the project. From the initial branding to the design, layout and creation of the website, I had a wide range of responsibilities on this project.