Breakfast Replacement



Develop and build a brand identity for a consumer product. Base your project on an existing product which you re-position to a new market/consumer demographic; or one which you are inspired to modify or alter because of a consumer insight. 



The goal is to create a quick and easy breakfast drink for a twentysomething male. A guy who would rather hit snooze for a 3rd time than make any food that takes longer than 30 seconds.
I can't find a breakfast drink that is not intended for either weight loss or does not come with either a billion grams of sugar or protein. The brand should reflect a more relaxed and humorous style. This is not a brand that takes itself too seriously, it's not trying cure cancer, it's just trying to help you sleep in another 10 minutes.


The word Chronos is the personification of time in greek mythology, I wanted the name and typeface to be bold, simple and grounded. I wanted the logo to reference time with a design similar to a mechanical clock while also incorporating the idea of an anchor. This drink helps you start your day off right and helps to ground you by giving you one less thing to worry about in the morning. 

(Student Project)