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SHORT FILMS (25 seconds)



MUBI is an online streaming service and a home for film lovers. From cult classics to award-winning masterpieces, and festival-fresh indie films. One movie is added everyday, and after 30 days it is removed.




MUBI is great if you have an interest in film, but these are weird offbeat movies. A lot of their promotion is surrounding the top movies of all time, things like Taxi Driver...but really mostly it's independent arthouse films. 


MUBI should embrace their love for weird indie movies and create their own short films.
Content that can serve both as adverts and showcase the weird and thoughtful style of MUBI films.
It would be great if MUBI collaborated with a bunch of indie directors to create a series of weird thoughtful short films. 

For this, I embraced the indie film making process by doing everything myself. I wrote, directed, filmed, acted in, and edited the project.
(Student Project)